Green Wheel models

The MIT Mobile Experience Lab and Smart Cities Group worked together to envision future scenarios describing design opportunities related to topics that deal with social navigation, distributed data sensing, healthcare, bike sharing racks optimization, peer-to-peer freight, urban races and civic engagement. Smart Cities has developed the Green Wheel electric bicycle motor, an innovative in-wheel regenerative electric motor that can be adapted to any sort of bicycle.

Frames of the scenario on smart mobility and ubiquitous computing

Mobile Experience Lab (MIT Design Lab)

The MIT Mobile Experience Lab focuses on radically reinventing and creatively designing connections between people, information and physical places using cutting-edge information technology to improve people╩╗s lives through meaningful experiences.


Smart Cities (MIT Media Lab)

The research of the Smart Cities group focuses upon intelligent, sustainable buildings, mobility systems, and cities. It explores the application of new technologies to enabling urban energy efficiency and sustainability, enhanced opportunity and equity, and cultural creativity.