Greenwheel Health

We developed a mobile application for the Greenwheel bicycle that calculates performance, rider energy consumption and environmental conditions while traveling. The application is designed to be mounted on the bicyle's handlebars and provides a number of modes that help the rider during their ride.

overview of app

Please note that having a full-screen application is very important for GreenWheel usability on the bicycle.

The application has been designed to minimize the complexity of the information in order to decrease the risk of accident due to the distraction of the rider. In the GreenWheel application the user moves from one mode to the other swiping the screen with their finger; this gesture minimizes the amount of attention the rider needs in order to move from mode to mode while riding.


screenshot of performance mode

This mode allows the rider to compare the data regarding the speed and the effort they are putting in vs. the power assist. It also allows monitoring the time of the ride and the travelled distance in real time.

Health Monitoring

screenshot of the health mode

This mode shows the total calories burned during the ride as well as the current calories (kcal) per minute. The rider can optimize their performance by adjusting the Greenwheel's assist level so they can burn more calories if desired.

Greewheel Status

screenshot of Greenwheel status mode

This mode shows the current status of the Greenwheel itself. In addition to showing the distance traveled, it shows how much further the rider can go using the power assist.


screenshot of environment mode

This mode allows the rider to see how they are helping the environment and their wallet by showing what an equivalent trip would cost if they were using their car. The monetary cost of fuel is shown as well as the environmental impact in g CO2. The rider can set the characteristics of their vehicle in the preferences.

screenshot of environment mode