RendezVous is a social navigation platform developed by the MIT Mobile Experience Lab in conjunction with the MIT Media Lab's Smart Cities Group to promote social sustainability. Unlike existing GPS navigation systems, RendezVous shifts the model from location-to-location based navigation to a new notion of person-to-person based navigation.


Screenshot of RendezvousOne of the most common questions on a cellphone, Where are you? is followed by yet another common question, Where would you like to meet?. As mobile devices become more aware of their environment, this captured context can be used to facilitate otherwise mundane interactions and replace them with a rich and interactive process of discovery. By sharing their locations, friends can instead simply know where the other is and can use that context to establish further interaction. For example, finding a common meeting place can be tedious especially if factors such as mode of transit need to be taken into consideration. Is it easier for us to meet near you or near me?.

By factoring in the users' current state, a smart set of suggestions are made that are personally relevant to them based on their physical situation. RendezVous can find meeting spots that are not just equidistant, but equal-effort based on the user's current mode of transit. A GreenWheel cyclist will have a much easier time trekking across town to meet a person on foot, and RendezVous takes that into account.