About the Green Italy Exhibition

It is the goal of the Green Italy in Massachusetts exhibition to reveal the expanding network of collaborations for sustainability between Italy and Massachusetts, and how this collaboration is a critical force in making a difference for the shared future of our planet. Below we provide information about each of the exhibitors.


Enel is an international Group producing and distributing electricity in 22 Countries on 4 continents. Enel, with its 82,300 MW, is the second largest utility in term of installed capacity in Europe. In Enel 86,000 employees work for 52 million customers in the world.

Enel has a portfolio of generating plants characterized by a balanced fuel mix with a percentage of 30% coming from earth's renewable sources. Enel is committed to increase its renewable mix with an investment of 6,8 billion euros in renewable and clean energy by 2012.

Based in Andover (Massachusetts) Enel North America is a leading developer and owner of renewable energy plants with projects in 20 US States and 3 Canadian Provinces.

With its 70 operating power projects totaling over 570 MW of capacity, Enel North America is one of the few international companies devoted exclusively to developing North America renewable energy projects diversified across four technologies: hydropower, wind, geothermal and biomass.

In 2007 Enel North America generated power equivalent to that used to electrify approximately 130,000 averages U.S. homes annually.


Eni is a major integrated energy company, committed to growth in the activities of finding, producing, transporting, transforming and marketing oil and natural gas. Eni's men and women have a passion for challenges, constant improvement, excellence, and particularly value people, the environment and integrity. Eni actions are characterized by a strong commitment towards sustainable development: creating value for the people, contributing to the development and well-being of the territories in which it operates, respecting the environment, investing in technological innovation, pursuing energy efficiency and assuaging the risks of climate change.

Eni is working to promote sustainability through research and innovation. It has established the Eni Award, an international prize for outstanding projects in production, transformation and use of energy in a sustainable way. Eni is included in the leading sustainability indices, such as, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the FTSEA4Good, and the CDPS Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

Eni and MIT have established a major energy research partnership which was formally launched in February 2008 when Eni became a Founding Member of the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI).

As a founding member of MITEI, Eni supports a range of research projects at the Institute, spanning the energy spectrum from advanced solar to traditional oil and gas to methane hydrates to global change and transportation. Eni also supports MITEI's Seed Fund program to fund novel energy research concepts and the “Society of Energy Fellows” by sponsoring 10-15 fellowships at MIT each year.

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the Eni Solar Frontiers Center (SFC) which has been recently established at MIT to develop advanced solar technologies to help power the world. SFC is designed to promote and accelerate multidisciplinary research on next-generation solar technologies, including nano-technologies, advanced materials, and solar hydrogen production.

MIT-Italy Program

The MIT-Italy Program facilitates creative partnerships and exchanges between the MIT community and Italian companies, research centers, universities and institutions through internships, research collaborations, workshops and seminars. The environment is a main focus of research at MIT and we're looking forward to expanding the range of our green partnerships.

Mobile Experience Lab

The Mobile Experience Lab focuses on re-inventing connections between people, information, and physical places with technologies to enrich people's lives through meaningful experiences. With a multidisciplinary team, lab researches and designs new
technologies and explore their impact in spaces and communities.

Nuvera Fuel Cells

Nuvera Fuel Cells is an international company based in Billerica, Massachusetts, and Milan, Italy. Nuvera's mission is to provide PEM fuel cell and fuelprocessing products for all sectors of the transportation industry worldwide. Fuel cells and on-site hydrogen production for forklifts offer warehouses and distribution centers opportunities to increase productivity. These material-handling installations pave the way for increased automotive development in the future.

Province of Brescia

The sustainability movement has eliminated the antagonism between economics and ecology by embracing the possibility of actively integrating industry, the environment, research, innovation, and the overall social context. The Province of Brescia firmly believes that Information Communication Technologies (ICT) can provide institutions and people with new dimensions of sustainability that contribute to social equity, economy, and the environment. In collaboration with the MIT Mobile Experience Lab, Brescia designs wearable
technologies and ICT to increase awareness of sustainable development and provide innovative and practical solutions.

Autonomous Province of Trento

The Autonomous Province of Trento is a point of reference in Italy in the field of Clean Tech, having created an "Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energies Cluster-Habitech" with the aim of enhancing existing territorial and environmental practices. The goal is to establish Trentino as a European pole of excellence in the fields of green building, renewable energy and environmental technologies. Habitech involve 180 partners, 300 companies (€1 billion in total income), and 8000 employees and develops its projects in strict cooperation with a highly qualified territorial research system (comprising a university, 12 research centers, and more than 2000 research employed). With the MIT Mobile Experience Lab we are designing a pioneer sustainable village.

SENSEable City Lab

The SENSEable City Lab explores changes in the built environment through a cross-disciplinary approach, and focuses on revealing urban dynamics to improve mobility patterns that will benefit the sustainability of our built environment.