Marriott Six Degrees: A Social Platform for the Hotel Lobby

We worked with Marriott to think how digital technologies could create a more social lobby.

Six Degrees is a prototype social network designed for the hotel lobby in collaboration with Marriott Hotels. Through Six Degrees, guests can discover how they are connected to one another, and can socialize with one another in events planned by Marriott. The platform is designed to highlight the connections that already exist between guests, while encouraging new connections to form.

The Mobile App
When a guest logs in for the first time, the Six Degrees Mobile App pulls in data from LinkedIn, and creates a profile based around their professional background and personal interests. Six Degrees uses this information to match guests with one another based on what they have in common – whether they’ve worked at the same company, gone to the same school, or share similar interests.

The Interactive Table
The Six Degrees Interactive Table is designed to facilitate face-to-face interaction among guests who are connected on Six Degrees. The table responds to a users mobile device or key card. If two Six Degrees users who have something in common are seated at the table, the table glows to indicate their connection.

The Public Display
The Six Degrees Public Display, located in the lobby space, shows information about upcoming events and active Six Degrees users at the hotel. The public display visualizes aggregate data about the Six Degrees community.