Mobile UV Monitor

"New wearable devices have the potential to mitigate cancer risks."

The use of wearable devices for the monitoring of health risks has exploded in recent years. This project design and tested in 2011 looks at the use of such devices for the monitoring of exposure to UV radiation. In particular, this project aims to address UV radiation and skin cancer prevention.

The developed solution provides real-time and useful information to the user through a user-friendly interface in order to limit overexposure to a known human carcinogen. The architecture selected uses the powerful features of a smartphone to interact with the user and a wireless sensor to monitor the UV radiation.

UV index data, measured by the handheld sensor, are sent to the mobile phone by using a low-energy wireless protocol. The incoming data, post-processed by the mobile application, are displayed to the user with relevant and useful information to help the user to make an appropriate decision regarding his/her sun protection. By continuously monitoring and providing meaningful history graphs, this tool allows people to have a long term view of their UV exposition to modify their behavior towards the sun.