Open Locast Framework

Modern mobile devices are location-aware, Internet-connected, and can produce high quality media. These devices lead us to rethink the relationship between digital media and physical place. With this in mind, we created Open Locast, an open-source framework that supports the rapid prototyping of location-based media platforms.

The are two main components of Open Locast platforms: the web application and the mobile application, which work together to create a platform for creating, describing, and viewing location-based media. The main building block of Locast is the “cast”, which is a collection of media taken at the same location. These casts are further organized into collections, which can be used to group casts by theme or category.

Open Locast is designed to enable various types of location-based platforms. For some examples of platforms built using Open Locast, see Memory Traces, UNICEF Youth Mapping, and FLIPR.