RideLink Ridesharing Platform

"Don't drive drunk. Use Ridelink to make sure you always have a safe way to get home."

The relationship between a municipality’s law enforcers and youth is often strenuous. However, pervasive computing has questioned these relationships, how can institutions and citizens better use technology to help themselves and avoid confrontation? The Ridelink project explores these opportunities by allowing young people to self-organize into ridesharing pools using wearable, networked, breathalyzer bracelets.

The system, comprised of social networking, reputation management and referral systems makes it possible to coordinate the matching of drivers and passengers with preferences entered online in user profiles. An alcohol sensor is built into a wearable bracelet, which can communicate with the system. The system is designed as open platform to promote social connection and trust, and with the goal to strengthen the communication among communities and with institutions.

At the end of a night out partying and drinking with friends a Ridelink user can breathe into their breathalyzer bracelet to find out if it is unsafe for them to drive. Using a link to their mobile phone, the system can then help the user find a ride with a driver they trust. The system tracks successful ride shares and provides incentives to participants accordingly. Ridelink not only promotes responsible alcohol consumption, it encourages social sustainability by allowing users to self-organize into their own ride-share pools.