SeedMate is a game that uses innovative technologies to teach traditional gardening techniques.

SeedMate is a puzzle card game and augmented reality app that educate people about urban gardening. It aims to teach two important aspects of gardening, companion planting and sunlight requirements, in a fun and intuitive way.

Players use a plot of soil as their game board. They lay biodegradable seed cards on the soil in configurations based on sunlight needs and companion planting relationships. Players then use the augmented reality app on their phone to check whether two plant cards are companions (or “seedmates”). For instance, by pointing the phone’s camera at the intersection of a tomato card and a pepper card, the app says they are compatible.

If the cards are both compatible and cast the correct amount of shadows, they can be placed next to each other. Once all cards are played, you can plant them in the exact same configuration in your actual garden.

SeedMate was created in collaboration with RAI, Italy’s national broadcasting company. The project began with a month-long ethnographic study with urban gardeners in Italy to better understand gardening techniques in the city.