Collaboration with Toscot

CUSTOM COMPONENTS is a project exploring the use of 3D printers
and digital design tools to create limited edition of custom lighting components.
The project provides potential fabrication method for small scale artisans
to create their own custom design components in-house, that matches the design
of their main product, as well as giving them a way to quickly respond to the
changing demands of design and production cycles.

2015-02-02 22.58.23_sm

2015-02-02 22.56.10_sm

2015-02-02 22.39.46_sm

Toscot, a Tuscan ceramics lamp company creates all of their products by hand in their studio in the outskirts of Florence. From molding of clay to finishing painting of each ceramic lamp shades, a number of artisans are involved in crafting the artisanal product. However, due to their small scale of production, they use off-the-shelf components, such as the lamp switch as pictured above, that does not speak to the custom and hand made nature of their products.

The team explored the use of digital modeling and 3D printing for design and fabrication of custom casing for light switches. What if each artisan can have their own 3D printer and start producing small batch of fully customized designs on demand? What are the opportunities and benefits? This exploration peeks in to the potential of desktop 3D printing for small scale artisans.

toscot switches

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1.43.06 AM


toscot switch v1


We also made different designs of the switch covers, to demonstrate the rapid prototyping of multiple designs and details using 3D printer, and also testing of various materials from hard plastics to flexible rubber.

toscot switch v2




toscot switch v2_y