• Understanding Millennials' Expectations from Cities

Lifestyle Observatory



The Millennial Lifestyle Observatory is an international project anchored at MIT’s Mobile Experience Laboratory. Our goal is to produce comprehensive and insightful reports on trends in Millennial lifestyles in megacities. We focus on how Millennials’ preferences and behaviors shape their expectations of media, wellbeing, transportation, and the modern city. Our methods combine interviews and new technology, as well as an interdisciplinary background that involves design, development, journalism and academia. Our research goal is to go beyond stereotype to distill actionable observations on how Millennials behave as a population and as a market.


Caring City



Caring City is an international observatory spanning multiple mega cities. We want to understand how to design a caring city for tomorrow. A city that is designed to fulfill millennials’ expectations in terms of services, infrastructure, housing, mobility, and so on. And, to do so we need to understand how millennials define a caring city.

What does it mean for a city to care about its residents? How can our cities be more caring?


Project Cities


Research Team

Vicky Zeamer

Research Assistant

Vicky Zeamer is a senior at Wellesley College double majoring in Media Arts and Sciences & American Studies. Within American Studies, she focuses on how consumption and material culture have defined identity and society throughout the United States's history.

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Suruchi Dumpawar

Research Assistant, MIT Mobile Experience Lab

Suruchi hopes to utilize her background in visual communication and information technology to explore the notion of experientiality through multiple media platforms. A self-proclaimed film buff and a fledgling filmmaker, Suruchi has a keen interest in digital storytelling.

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Anika Gupta

Research Assistant, MIT Mobile Experience Lab

Anika's passions include grassroots media innovation, as well as open data and the impact of technology on society. Her articles about technology and entrepreneurship have appeared in several international outlets, and she founded the New Delhi chapter of Hacks/Hackers.

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Blanca Abramek

Research Assistant, MIT Architecture

Through her academics and lab research Blanca explores how digital communication technologies, networked cultures and new socio-cultural changes impact design, architecture and urban form. As a Researcher-Designer she deploys a human-centered approach to design problems.

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Dr. Federico Casalegno

Director, Mobile Experience Lab

A social scientist with an interest in the impact of networked digital technologies on human behavior and society, Prof. Casalegno both teaches and leads advanced research at MIT, and designs interactive media to foster connections between people, information and physical places.

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MIT’s Mobile Experience Lab led by Dr. Federico Casalegno, seeks to radically reinvent and create connections between people, information, and places. By operating within the vibrant atmosphere of MIT, the Mobile Experience Lab drives innovation by thoughtfully considering the relationship between emerging technologies and their surrounding social, cultural, and physical spaces.

In order to accomplish this, the lab conducts both academic and field research, designs elegant and simple solutions to problems, and tests ideas through physical and digital prototypes to ensure that ideas withstand real world issues.


La Fabrique de la Cité (The City Factory) is a think tank created at the initiative of the VINCI Group to promote discussion and leadership on urban innovation. Its interdisciplinary approach brings together thought leaders and international players in urban development for seminars and workshops in order to produce high-quality research.

La Fabrique de la Cité’s work is focused on three main areas: existing cities’ adaptation, sustainable mobility and urban economy. La Fabrique de la Cité has been an endowment fund since 25 December 2010.

Learn more about La Fabrique de la Cité’s activities. Follow them on Twitter @FabriquelaCite.